Bootcamp Projects

1.0 Blue Streak Equity Research

Blue Streak Equity Research is committed to providing the highest level of research to our partners. Our goal is to give the top students at the University of Kentucky and other universities that aren't targeted by Wall Street, the chance to prove themselves in a rewarding real-world environment.

1.0 Ripple

Ripple is a social networking platform that simplifies making plans with friends and acquaintances.



1.0 Teeth Relief

Teeth Relief is a silicone writing utensil covering that works to provide students and adults with an oral fixation a safe, clean, and simple way to chew while in the workplace. 

21 Century for Community Technology Innovations

Our company will teach, train and create bi-lingual and bi-cultural videos, Websites, e-learnings, or podcasts, and technology products using a variety of technology modalities.


I have a vision to create a learning and social-supporting community website for international students.

Badland Wolves

A card-driven strategy game with a mission of impacting beyond your families table.

Big Bend Scrubs

My startup seeks to develop more flexible scrubs for medical professionals.

Black Soil

A statewide agritourism company aiming to connecting rural based farmers with markets, relationships and opportunities.

Bold Velocities

My startup seeks to develop a novel financial consulting agency.

Breaking The Cycle LLC

We showcase brands with quality content to attract more social media engagement.

Clutch Seats

Clutch Seats is an app that revolutionizes the way we watch live events.

COG (cognitive organization generator)

COG is a software platform that allows individuals and teams to organize and manage communication/information flows.


Connect is a social networking application about going places, doing things, and meeting people in a socially efficient way.


Flagster is to re-design where the flag is on a rural mailbox.

Madu Health

Giving patients personalized control of their health.

Microbiome Services

Microbiome Services seeks to help universities and private enterprises learn how to convey microbiome data.

NM Personalized Oral Healthcare

My start up idea will be to provide a service of navigated Oral healthcare treatment for people with multiple comorbidity.


O-Around is led by Co-Founders Chi and Yi: an innovative geriatric platform that is focused on connecting each individual with the services they need.


Portable lavatories have never been an experience-based industry. Podi shifts this necessity into a pleasurable experience for the consumer and site.

Quench & Temper

Quench & Temper designs, manufactures and sells martial arts board holding equipment.


An app aimed at aiding small businesses in gaining and retaining customers, while streamlining purchasing and maximizing savings for the consumer.

My idea is an app that will gamify cardio exercises by making it a competitive & collaborative experience.


My startup seeks to develop an app that will bring together communities and reignite giving backing to others in need.

The Foundation for Unifying Networks

The Foundation for Unifying Networks will reach out to LSAMP alumni and others in order to raise funds.

Third Word

Third Word is designed to provide digital productivity tools to help people get clear on their goals and pursue their purpose.

Transitions Caregiver Solutions

Providing support and resources for families that have loved ones with health issues that inhibit daily functionality.


Tritera is a skincare start-up which is focused on the use of the naturally occurring oils.

Universal COVID-19 Shield

A transferable shield that can be used on any hat.

Well Grounded

My startup idea seeks to produce materials and cooking demonstrations that will assist those who have been prescribed therapeutic diets.