Bootcamp Projects

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Healthcare Technology Startup

Healthcare database software for medical providers

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Helping Senior Citizens

Seeking to create a small business aiding independent senior clients.

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - LDS Enterprises, LLC

Financial literacy tools that unlock access and equity.

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Mind Reps

An app idea that will be used in the virtual reality setting

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - On-Sight Beauty

One stop-shop natural hair braiding salon and beauty supply store

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Rave On Sports

A mobile app to enhance the sports experience for fans at home or in the stadium

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - ReBegin

Personalized upcycling services to keep textiles out of landfills

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Solar Roof Panels

Solar roofing made simple and easy

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - WeLoop

A new app for streaminglining event planning 

Thursday Bootcamp 1.0 - American Warrior Society

A startup that provides world class tactical training and education solutions

Thursday Bootcamp 1.0 - Connecting Worlds

Global sourcing of resources for small businesses

Thursday Bootcamp 1.0 - Digital Savvy

A new startup company creating digital marketing solutions

Thursday Bootcamp 1.0 - Electric Vehicle Rentals (EVR)

Instant car rental service that only rents out electrical Vehicles

Thursday Bootcamp 1.0 - Greater Good Network

A nonprofit startup seeking to disrupt and reform voluntourism

Thursday Bootcamp 1.0 - Job Swipe

Developing an App to modernize job searching & matching.

Thursday Bootcamp 1.0 - Performance Fuel

A new program to enhance performance through nutrition

Thursday Bootcamp 1.0 - XR In Deep Learning

A novel internet-based orthopedic surgery 360/XR training application

Thursday Bootcamp 1.0 - Zkaka

A new startup that seeks to connect farmers with consumers through a mobile application