Bootcamp Projects

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Drink Stop

24-hour business specializing in soft/energy drinks

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Adding Iron to Food Products

New product line that adds iron and fiber to foods

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Dog Business Services & Pharmacy

World class dog business services

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Fane Fitness

Online personal trainers

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Fierce Photography

Novel photography business

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Jet Ski Indy

Aquatic recreational rental service in the Indianapolis area

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - KAVA Resource Center

Resource Center for Visual & Performing Arts

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Love Simply Scrubs

A handcrafted bath and body brand

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Online Training for Business Minorities

Online Training for Business Minorities

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Pateisthai

Fresh food marketplace and delivery platform

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Roomed

Simplifying the transition to college for new students

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - Technology for Firefighters

Equipping firefighers with more efficient tools & technology

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - The Next Door Market Grocery Store

An independent grocery store that provides fresh organic foods

Monday Bootcamp 1.0 - W-Health

App for tracking women's hormone levels

Thursday Bootcamp 2.0 - Connecting Worlds

Global sourcing of resources for small businesses

Thursday Bootcamp 2.0 - Electric Vehicle Rentals (EVR)

Instant car rental service that only rents out electrical Vehicles

Thursday Bootcamp 2.0 - Greater Good Network

A nonprofit startup seeking to disrupt and reform voluntourism

Thursday Bootcamp 2.0 - Performance Fuel

A new program to enhance performance through nutrition

Thursday Bootcamp 2.0 - Rave On Sports

A mobile app to enhance the sports experience for fans at home or in the stadium

Thursday Bootcamp 2.0 - Solar Roof Decking

Solar roofing made simple and easy