The University of Kentucky's Premiere Online Business Accelerator!

The University of Kentucky welcomes you to Entrepreneurs Bootcamp: an online business accelerator designed to assess and validate the feasibility of a business concept, create a business model, and provide hands-on experience for entrepreneurs seeking to launch a startup for the first time in the state of Kentucky. 

Who we Serve?

The Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Online Business Accelerator is open to Kentucky-based entrepreneurs that are:

  1. Current Students
  2. Faculty
  3. Staff
  4. Post docs/Alumni
  5. Community Entrepreneurs
  6. Other higher education institutions faculty, staff, and students


When is Bootcamp Offered?

The Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is offered every semester:

  1. Fall Bootcamp 1.0 - Monday section, online from 5:00pm-7:00pm EST
  2. Fall Bootcamp 1.0 - Thursday section, online from 4:00pm-6:00pm EST
  3. Spring Bootcamp 1.0 - Monday section, online from 5:00pm-7:00pm EST



All participants in Bootcamp must read the handbook and digitally sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) associated with the program.  See Section 8 of the handbook to review language about NDA’s. This handbook is available electronically and can be accessed here.  


Bootcamp Eligibility, Intensity, and Expectations 

Bootcamp is time consuming and demanding outside of regular job/class schedules.  It is offered in the evenings to mimic the life of an entrepreneur.  All participants are held accountable to meet various milestones, schedule zoom/team meetings outside the scheduled sessions, and perform the duties of an acting CEO. The Bootcamp accelerator program is not recommended for incoming freshman, or those with an already demanding schedule. All participants in Bootcamp are working towards launching real businesses in the state of Kentucky.  Eligibility and acceptance into Bootcamp is competitive. Previous participants/graduates of the accelerator will not be eligible to enroll.


Academic Credit

Currently enrolled University of Kentucky student(s) can register for Bootcamp 1.0 to receive academic credit.  To review the syllabus for academic credit, click here.  Bootcamp 1.0 is offered through four (4) different elective course codes outlined below. An option to earn a pass/no pass credit in this elective is available to eligible students that successfully complete the program as outlined in this syllabus. Please consider the intensity of an online accelerator prior to registering for academic credit.

  • B&E 396 (undergrad) - Currently enrolled undergraduate Gatton College of Business students
  • B&E 650 (grad) - Currently enrolled graduate Gatton College of Business students
  • EXP 396 (undergrad) - Experiential credit for all undergraduate majors
  • EXP 650 (grad) - Experiential credit for all graduate majors



Tuition fees will apply for any student enrolling in Bootcamp for academic credit. All others enrolling will not be charged a fee to participate. However, acceptance into Bootcamp is competitive and capacity is limited.  


How to Apply?

In order to be considered for the accelerator, all eligible Kentucky startups and entrepreneurs should email the Executive Director, Warren Nash at:  warren.nash@uky.edu  

You will be vetted prior to applying to Bootcamp. Please note that any previous graduates/participants of the accelerator will not be eligible to apply.



For all questions about the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Online Accelerator, please send an to email:

Warren Nash | Executive Director of The Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship:  warren.nash@uky.edu

Mariam Gorjian | Assistant Director and Founder of The Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Accelerator:  mariamgorjian@uky.edu