Open Enrollment: Fall 2023 Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 1.0 Online Accelerator

Open Enrollment: Fall 2023 Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 1.0 Online Accelerator

Monday, June 5, 2023 – Friday, August 25, 2023

Open Enrollment is June 5th thru August 25th 2023

Early Enrollment:  Fall 2023 Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 1.0 Online Accelerator

The Virtual Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is an online accelerator program that helps educate Kentucky's aspiring entrepreneurs launch new ventures.  All eligible students, staff, faculty, and Kentucky entrepreneurs are welcome to apply to the program. Bootcamp is only open to Kentucky-based entrepreneurs.  All other entrepreneurs outside the state are encouraged to seek out your local state resources.

Bootcamp offers weekly educational training sessions geared towards early stage entrepreneurs that are interested in launching a company, networking with local startup community advisors, and creating a competitive business model. It is highly recommended that all interested applicants review the Handbook before applying. For a full overview of the online accelerator program and academic credit offering, click here

All applicants are required to attend the mandatory virtual Bootcamp Orientation meeting on Wednesday, August 23rd.  Orientation is not recorded and there are no make-ups or rescheduling arrangements in the accelerator. Further programmatic details will be covered during orientation. Click here to RSVP for Orientation

Fall 2023 eligibility and acceptance into Bootcamp 1.0 is competitive and capacity is limited.  The deadline to apply August 25, 2023.  

All applications fields must be completed as instructed, or your application will not be considered. 

There are two ways to participate in Bootcamp. Apply as a Team Leader or Team Member.  

1. Team Leader - has a startup idea and is seeking to launch a new venture. All team leaders are required to submit a 500 word summary of their idea. Once the application has been completed, you will be contacted directly by the VACE staff to schedule a 1:1 meeting. Note - applicants will not be contacted if the application isn't filled out as instructed. 

2. Team Member - is seeking to join a team leader and help develop their new venture. All team members must identify a team to support after Bootcamp Orientation or you will not be able to participate in the accelerator. 

Virtual Learning Requirements: To be eligible for Bootcamp, you must have access to a computer with internet capabilities (including microphone/video being fully functional), have experience with presenting with Powerpoint/Microsoft Office tools, setup and schedule Zoom/Google virtual meetings throughout the program, and be fully able to commit to a virtual learning environment once a week for a full semester.

Anyone with an already demanding schedule is not encouraged to participate in this program, as starting a business is very time consuming. Expect to spend an additional 3-5 hours outside of the regular Bootcamp online sessions working on your idea, as leaders are responsible for driving the project and scheduling separate meetings with your team, coaches, mentors, and judges throughout the program.

Please apply to be considered for the program, and contact Warren Nash if you have any questions:
If you are experiencing any issues with the application, please contact Jared Magolan:


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Monday, June 5, 2023 – Friday, August 25, 2023
Open Enrollment is June 5th thru August 25th 2023