Wildly Possible Virtual Startup Contest

Wildly Possible Virtual Startup Contest

Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Apply Today! Accepting applications beginning June 1st. Applications close on June 30th.

About this Event


Now is the time for innovative solutions, and there’s an opportunity for your startup company:

The University of Kentucky’s Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship (VACE), in collaboration with the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise (ISFE) under the Gatton College of Business and Economics, is hosting a Virtual Startup Contest. This contest is open to any individual with an idea or currently registered company, located in the state of Kentucky. Companies and individuals from across the Commonwealth are encouraged to apply. Companies or individuals that have already raised more than $50,000 in equity will not qualify for this contest.
Q&A - Yes you can have a company with current sales and apply for this competition. 

NOTE: Companies or ideas can be related to COVID-19 solutions, but this is not a requirement.

Please RSVP today as a "Virtual StartUp Applicant" and a member of the VACE staff will connect with you to provide the online application form.
Q&A - Yes when you register the VACE team will email directions with the application form information & link.

Key Deadlines

June 1 (Mon) – applications open
Resister to compete.

June 30 (Tues) – applications close
All full submitted applications are due by 11:59 PM

July 10 (Fri) – Top 5 Finalists announced
Finalists will be contacted & publicly announced.

July 20 (Mon) – Virtual Startup Contest
Online through Zoom

July 27 (Mon) – Winners Announced
Each finalist will be contacted, and winners will be announced publicly. 

1. Contest Details and Application

The Wildly Possible Virtual Startup Contest is open to all early-stage startups and/or companies across the state of Kentucky. In order to compete, all contestants must RSVP to this Eventbrite announcement confirming that you will participate as a "Virtual StartUp Applicant." Once registered, a VACE staff member will confirm your intent to compete, and email you the online application form.
Q&A - all team/company members need to register up to (5)

Please review the eligibility criteria to ensure this contest is for you, and you have considered these key requirements before applying.

2. Eligibility Criteria, Scoring, and Finalist Selection

A. All interested candidates must RSVP to this Eventbrite announcement. Once this is complete, a VACE staff member will reach out to you directly to confirm your intent to compete and provide the full online application information and link. Failure to follow this step will result in non-consideration as a finalist.

B. Online application - upon receipt of the application, all categories must be fully addressed. Any areas that are listed as "blanks" or not completed in the application will result in non-consideration as a finalist.

C. All applications will be completed and submitted online through the VACE webform. Once submitted, an email will be sent to you confirming receipt of the application.

D. ELIGIBILITY NOTICE: Applications are accepted from Kentucky residents ONLY.

E.  Applicants must indicate that they have not raised more than $50,000 in equity.


3. Top 5 Finalists Selected & Zoom Meeting Presentation

The Von Allmen Center along with The Institue for the Study of Free Enterprise will select and announce the Top 5 finalists on Friday, July 10th.

A Zoom meeting invitation will be emailed to each finalist with their presentation time. Finalists will present on Monday, July 20th. Each finalist will have 10-minutes to present, with 20 minutes of Q&A.

A judging panel will score presentations based upon the criteria set forth in the application. All categories in the application are weighted equally and based on a Likert scale of 1-10 of the 12 sections totaling 120 points. 

The Top 5 winners will be announced on Monday, July 27th. All awards are sponsored by The Study for the Institute of Free Enterprise.

1st Place - $5,000

2nd Place - $4,000

3rd Place - $3,000

4th Place - $2,000

5th Place - $1,000

More Questions? Email here. 


Tuesday, June 30, 2020