The Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship (VACE) is proud to announce the graduation of 25 teams from the Fall 2018 Entrepreneurs Bootcamp program. These teams have worked hard at pursuing their business ideas and going through the stages of customer discovery. It has been a long journey for these entrepreneurs, and we are very excited to see them complete this 14-week long intensive program.

Winners of the Fall 2018 Bootcamp Finale:

  • 1st place - $1,000 – Wild Dog Physics
  • 2nd place - $800 – Digital Turfbot
  • 3rd place - $600 – GenomEqs
  • 4th place - $400 – SynapsEHR
  • 5th place - $300 – LASSO Diagnostics
  • 6th place - $200 – Active Therapy Systems

Three Director's Awards were awarded to the teams whom, while not placing in the top six rankings, demonstrated the true entrepreneurial spirit. These awards were $100 each, and sponsored by Warren Nash, Director of the Von Allmen Center for Entreprenuership:True Kick Training, W.O.R.T.H., and Sigma Energy.

“It has been very gratifying this year to watch all these teams progress with the development of their ideas, as well as mature in their pitching skills and significantly increase the level of their overall business acumen.” Warren Nash, Director of VACE.

VACE also announced during the Bootcamp graduation the pilot launch of its Bootcamp 2.0. Bootcamp 2.0 which will be limited to those 15 teams from the Fall Bootcamp who were selected to receive invitations to participate in this new program. These teams’ selected based their overall performance during Bootcamp 1.0., which included such factors as meeting Bootcamp milestones, completing incentive pool tasks and the teams placement in various pitch events throughout the Bootcamp. The 15 teams that were selected for the VACE Bootcamp 2.0 were – BrainPower Mining, Osteme Pouch Protection, Digital Turfbot, GenomEqs, Usights, BoxLocal, Delta-9 Labs, SynapsEHR, Wild Dog Physics, W.O.R.T.H, Lasso Diagnostics, Sigma Energy, 1dea, Active Therapy Systems, and True Kick Training.

Team descriptions can be found at - Bootcamp 2.0 will be focusing on “drilling down” into more detail and expanding on many of those concepts/subjects which were covered in Bootcamp 1.0. An exciting new aspect of Bootcamp 2.0 will be that all selected teams taking advantage of the program will be required to accept UK undergraduate and/or graduate students to work with the teams on their ideas, technologies, etc. Participating students will eligible to enroll for three hours of academic credit (B&E/EXP 396/650) which will be offered on a pass/fail basis. In order for UK students to enroll for this valuable experiential learning experience, they must receive the prior permission from VACE staff and Gatton faculty. Additionally, depending a team’s membership composition, there will be opportunities for some 2.0 Bootcamp teams to participate in several state, regional and national student businesses plan competitions.

“I’m forever thankful for the opportunity to be apart of these entrepreneurs journey, and the progress they make throughout the program.It is a true reflection of how teamwork and leadership allow a dream to move forward.I’m so proud of everything these teams have accomplished and worked so hard to achieve. We’re very excited to be piloting Bootcamp 2.0 with the 15 teams moving forward.”

If you would like to know more about enrolling in Bootcamp 2.0, please email, , or