Bootcamp 2.0 Team Successful Kickstarter!

VACE Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Team, Badland Wolves, Exceeds Kickstarter Goal

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 1, 2021) — The Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship (VACE) is pleased to announce that a one-person team in their Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2.0 program has successfully raised over $10,000 in seed funding through their Kickstarter campaign.

 Founder and CEO Daniel Gorash developed and illustrated Badland Wolves, a card-driven strategy game in which players make up the badland wolf pack. According to the Kickstarter page, players compete to be crowned the new “alpha of the badlands.” 

“At first, I was intimidated to enter the Bootcamp program, but decided to keep an open mind and look for clarity with setting goals for my startup,” said Gorash. “I was also excited to network with others. And I’ve got to say, the program fulfilled all of that and more.”

Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is a semester-long program with prize money awarded to top teams that meet certain milestones. Badland Wolves won the top prize in fall 2020 Bootcamp 1.0, then progressed to meet their Kickstarter goal in spring 2021. Said Bootcamp co-founder and VACE’s new ventures manager Mariam Gorijan, “This is not easy to do, as most entrepreneurs struggle to meet their fundraising goals on Kickstarter.” Gorash was also featured on LEX18’s "Best of the Bluegrass.” 

Badland Wolves is currently enrolled in Spring 2021 Bootcamp 2.0, which will end on April 29.  Gorash is in the process of meeting the needs of his Kickstarter backers and moving forward with production and sales strategies.  

Gorash currently lives in Lexington, Kentucky along with his wife Angela and their dalmatian, Archie. He is a freelance artist with a love for the great outdoors and wildlife adventures.

“I was able to walk away (from Entrepreneurs Bootcamp) with mentors that haven’t left my side, and are still cheering me on,” he said. “It’s given me the encouragement and focus I needed in light of the pandemic, and has strengthened my determination to see Badland Wolves become something great.”