Success Stories

TerraCast Technologies

MBA Candidates | Jordan Denny, Lee Goatley, Jordan Laycock, Jarrod Willis

Project description: TerraCast Technologies uses switchgrass to produce an acetone, butanol, ethanol mixture for bio-fuel. This will potentially create a new cash crop for Kentucky, and the adoption of butanol as a bio-fuel is expected increase rapidly. Developed by UK professors Sue Nokes and Michael Montross, UK College of Agriculture.

Team TerraCast won 1st place in the Alltech competition and 2nd place at Idea State U, totaling over $20,000 in prize money.

Red Natural

MBA Candidates | Joanna Foresman, Andrew Wachs, Jeremy Madigan, Wen Zhao

Project description: Red Natural provides a natural red food/beverage coloring to replace Red 40 by extracting vibrant red pigment from a new breed of sorghum plant. Based on research of Dr. Seth DeBolt, UK College of Agriculture.

Team Red Natural won over $8,000 in total prize money from Alltech, Idea State U, and Lexington Venture Club. In addition, the team was invited to compete in the Global Venture Investment Labs competition in Austin, TX.


MBA Candidates | William Walker, Kyle Hogue, Brian O’Neill

Project description: provides the mining industry with a revolutionizing solution to dust generation and methane gas emission problems. Based on research of Dr. Andrzej Wala and Dr. Todor Petrov, UK College of Engineering.

Team AIRboost won over $2,000 in competition prize money, including 2nd place at the “Fast Pitch” competition in UoL’s Cardinal Challenge.


College of Design |Mark Manczyk

Project description: Re.3 provides eco-friendly consumer accessory products to lifestyle individuals. Based on a business concept from Dr. Seth DeBolt, UK College of Agriculture.

Mark won over $2,000 in competition prize money and made headlines in Lexington and Cincinnati.


Pharmacy PhD Candidate Satrio Husodo
MBA Candidates Erica Clark & Miguel Doughlin

Project description: Arymza develops enzymes that accelerate the processing of starch, reducing energy costs and the need for hazardous chemicals. Once broken down, the simple sugars from the starch can be used as a food ingredient or as feedstock for microbes in the production of bioethanol.

Team Arymza won “People’s Choice” at 5Across, along with several other competitions totaling over $10,000 in prize money.