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Bootcamp Overview

What is Entrepreneurs Bootcamp?

The Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is a semester-long program in which participants experience full entrepreneurial emersion. Those enrolled will participate in teams and live the life of an entrepreneur by conceiving, developing and pitching an idea from start to finish. Bootcamp participants will work with a variety of mentors throughout the process by attending once-a-week workshops on topics such as prototyping, marketing, finance, etc.

Who is eligible to register for Bootcamp?

All University of Kentucky faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellows, and current students are eligible to register. The Bootcamp program does not offer academic credit for participation. A certificate of completion is awarded to team members finishing the program. There are opportunities to go beyond Bootcamp and into competitions that offer chances to win prize money.

Is attendance mandatory at each weekly session?

Absolutely. Bootcamp is intended to mimic real-world expectations. This means consideration of your teammates, commitments, and team mentors helping you along the way. Success means 100% participation, hard work, dedication, and respecting the time of those involved. Building trust within your team is essential if you wish to develop a successful startup.

Can I bring my own idea into Bootcamp?

Yes. This is highly encouraged. Please keep in mind that ideas should be scalable, competitive, and innovative. If you have an idea, but are unsure of its potential, please indicate this on the application form and a mentor will contact you to discuss some options.

Are there any membership limits on teams?

Yes. Bootcamp requires a minimum of two-three members per team to efficiently divide the workload. Successful teams usually include a variety of expertise: finance, marketing, engineering, software, legal, or other specialty.

I don't have an idea to work on. Can I still register?

Certainly! If you do not have your own idea, there are a few options:

  1. Find another person in Bootcamp that has an idea and join their team.
  2. Work with your department chairs or advisors to bring their ideas into Bootcamp.
  3. Check out current project descriptions to review the skill sets needed. You may find a good fit that utilizes your expertise.