Bootcamp Projects

VACE announces these teams as accepted into the Pilot Launch of Bootcamp 2.0 to start January 9, 2019 – Bootcamp 2.0 is also Open for UK Students to Receive Academic Credit to join these teams. Contact Warren Nash to learn more.

KDASH - Michael Loyselle

KDASH (K-DASH) or Konnections Dashboard brings the world of eSports into the forefront of statistical analysis; in the same league of professional traditional sports. We are here to create a platform to allow for professional, amateur, and casual eSports teams to facilitate growth in play, consistency, and give them the tools to see the patterns of their play.

Ease of access, data aggregation, data point indexing, database virtualization, visual representations, aids, and revolutionary statistical algorithms all are integral parts of this upcoming platform.

We will make finding out why certain players or team rosters are under or over preforming as easy as a few clicks. Easing statistical support staffs data entry, aggregation, and visualization, and running all this from one user friendly and clear dashboard available as a desktop application.

GenomEqs - Shavahn Loux

Genomic analysis is one of the most powerful tools available to us to make predictions about health and well-being. With this information, we can make better management and care decisions, not only for ourselves, but for our animal companions as well. At GenomEqs, we are focused on analyzing the genetic sequence of horses to allow owners to personalize care and optimize health of their animals.

True Kick Training - William Rohr

True Kick Training has one goal: leverage modern technology to make first responder training as effective and realistic as possible. Due to active shooter events, terrorist attacks and urban violence, law enforcement and military units use Force-on-Force training to prepare for lethal force scenarios. Think of playing paintball, but much more realistic. In both the public and private sector Force-on-Force training is universally accepted as the best way to prepare an officer/agent/contractor for the worst day of their life. The stressful, unpredictable nature of role playing a lethal force scenario makes Force-on-Force training vastly superior to standard “live fire” target practice, but there are many issues. Force-on-Force training is prohibitively expensive, dangerous, logistically challenging and often fails to produce the mental and physical stress needed to create a lasting impression. With little competition and few DOD/SBIR funding opportunities, the sector has been relatively stagnant for decades. True Kick Training will raise the bar by using proprietary technology to develop a line of non-lethal, non-ballistic training rifles that are cheaper, safer and more realistic than any other non-lethal training system on the market.

Wild Dog Physics - Janelle Malloy

Radiation therapy often is an effective method of cancer treatment. Radiation treatment requires complex equipment and a team of skilled health care providers. Medical accelerators aim beams of high energy particles at tumors to destroy or damage cancer cells while avoiding damage to important healthy normal tissue. Medical physicists are clinically trained professionals who are critical team members, ensuring this equipment operates with precise measurements within the accuracy of a human hair. While treatment protocols vary, many cancer patients often receive radiation treatments several times per week for many weeks. Most patients receive radiation treatments at a hospital or cancer treatment facility.

Wild Dog Physics LLC is in the very early stages of creating a revolutionary approach to cancer care through the QA Itegrator. The QA Integrator is anticipated to be a more precise and efficient cancer care tool by overcoming several nagging challenges to top-notch cancer care. The QA Integrator is a value-added medical device and professional support service. It provides faster service by reducing work time from about eight hours to 30 minutes, while providing data that is better, more complete, automatically analyzed and totally regulatory compliant. This technology also is expected to provide substantial cost efficiencies by substituting one device for many, requiring fewer skilled staff members to perform a treatment, providing higher quality machine performance, and overall enhanced treatment.

LASSO – Mark Leggas

In Kentucky alone, over 1350 infants were born addicted to opioids in 2015 and this number is rising. These innocent babies face a catastrophic outlook as they are typically treated with the morphine for several weeks to alleviate their withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, many are premature and all are cared for at the neonatal intensive care unit. Significantly, diagnosis of addiction requires 2-4 days of observation before it can be confirmed and treatment can begin. This is an additional major insult to these helpless neonates because during this waiting period they suffer and experience unalleviated pain and a variety of sick symptoms that are induced by opioid abstinence.

LASSO is a diagnostic blood test that will be used to rapidly and definitively diagnose babies suffering from neonataL AbStinence Syndrome. We expect that once this biOmarker is validated, its clinical use will accurately diagnose babies in need of treatment, will decrease the waiting period before treatment starts, decrease the overall hospital stay and reduce the associated healthcare costs.

Active Therapy Systems – Bennett Gatto

Active Therapy Systems is automating Physical Therapy treatments for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. In a growing world of individualized medicine and telehealth, our automated treatment platform will provide unlimited access to adaptive Physical Therapy treatments in the comfort and privacy of a patient’s home. This technology based, in-home exercise system acts as a virtual physical therapist, collecting objective performance data with every movement. That data will be analyzed to continuously provide effective treatments, as well as keep medical providers up-to-date on the status of their patient and the progression of their disease. Exercise is medicine for those with Parkinson’s Disease and we aim to be the medicine of choice, providing independence and an improved quality of life.

PaintJet Robotics – Agnes Zimmer

The PaintJet Robotics team is working in a niche category of outdoor advertising: graphics applied to turf grass. Think team logos on athletic fields. Those logos are created with large stencils, an ancient method with significant limitations. Our team has prototyped a “grass printer” that creates field graphics under computer control. The grass printer will enable compelling new effects impossible with stencils: highly detailed images on-demand, grayscale shaded images, and eventually full color photo images. We envision a service business printing turf graphics for sports, corporate, and cultural events, with customers like the University of Kentucky, the Horse Park, the Lexington Convention Bureau, the Bluegrass Field airport, and our famous distilleries.

Sigma Energy - Zach Doss

Sigma Energy is a solar energy project with the focus of using reclaimed land from past coal mining strip jobs in rural Appalachian communities, primarily the south-eastern part of Kentucky. The goal is to harness solar energy through the use of modern industrial solar panels and use that energy to sell to state and regional utility companies and future industrial areas. The project will have the purpose of supplying an alternative energy source and job market to the region besides the traditional mining and logging. The intent is to better the community through economic progress, new technologies, and land reconstruction that the company would help bring to the region.

Synaptek – Kathryn Van Pelt

When I played ice hockey concussions were not concerning. As long as you did not see double, you got back on the ice. Luckily, our understanding of concussion has progressed, and health providers commonly use baseline and post-injury evaluations to diagnose and manage concussive injuries. However, completing a baseline evaluation on every individual is a significant burden that technology (e.g., tablets) has not alleviated. While tablets can be used to collect data, most facilities do not have enough devices; if any at all. Thus, significant portions of evaluations are completed on paper forms. These paper forms have to be manually entered into the electronic system increasing the time burden and likelihood for data entry mistakes. The increased time to enter the data and chance for error means that the baseline data may not be available on the sideline for the clinician, or it may be inaccurate. It is critical that clinicians have timely and accurate access to an individual’s data to assist the clinician in making the best diagnosis.

The Synaptek system aims to alleviate the burden of concussion testing, provide a comprehensive testing platform, and unify record keeping. As a result, clinicians and researchers will have the most up to date assessments available at their fingertips, improving clinical care and facilitating research.

Ostomē Products | Pouch Protection – Chris Greene

The mission of Ostomē Products is to restore dignity through mobility by providing assurance to people living with an ostomy. Our company exists to fulfill a need from patients whose lives have been dramatically altered by surgery resulting in a permanent or temporary stoma. The appliance or pouch is attached to the surface of the body with adhesive, so it remains vulnerable to external threats such as clothing, seatbelts, gravity, and general movement. This distraction leads patients with ostomies to a poorer quality of life, less physical activity, emotional stress, and social isolation. Pouch Protection, and guard secured around the torso, shields the appliance from external forces and restores confidence to the user, so they may function every day at a high level. I lived with an ostomy for 6 months, I know the impact this creation had on my life. I fervently want to share it with others who are seeking to restore the lifestyle they once knew.


HandPrint is a wearable, customized rehabilitation device provides fast, functional recovery to stroke survivors with spasticity in their hand and arm. Spasticity in the hand often leaves survivors with a balled-up fist they cannot use freely. Wearing the HandPrint "glove" holds their fingers in an open position, allowing them to use their hand in day-to-day activities. Where other similar devices are made in predetermined sizes that can cause discomfort and ineffective treatment, HandPrint uses it's proprietary system to provide therapy that is customized to the individual's unique hand, resulting in optimized and controlled therapy at a low cost. Bringing the concept of personalized medicine to physical therapy, HandPrint gives stroke survivors optimal therapy at their fingertips.

BCalm – Abbe Kesterson

BCalm is developing a device which will potentially relieve panic attacks caused from elevated CO2 levels like in airplanes, malls, and elevators. The device looks like an inhaler and acts quickly to remove excess CO2 from inhaled air.