Bootcamp Projects

KDASH - Michael Loyselle

KDASH (K-DASH) or Konnections Dashboard brings the world of eSports into the forefront of statistical analysis; in the same league of professional traditional sports. We are here to create a platform to allow for professional, amateur, and casual eSports teams to facilitate growth in play, consistency, and give them the tools to see the patterns of their play.

Ease of access, data aggregation, data point indexing, database virtualization, visual representations, aids, and revolutionary statistical algorithms all are integral parts of this upcoming platform.

We will make finding out why certain players or team rosters are under or over preforming as easy as a few clicks. Easing statistical support staffs data entry, aggregation, and visualization, and running all this from one user friendly and clear dashboard available as a desktop application.

BoxLocal - Zoe Gabrielson

BoxLocal aims to increase the accessibility of local food and artisan items by bringing them right to customers’ doorstep. A new kind of subscription box, BoxLocal is a box that contains several carefully selected products from around Kentucky, providing value to subscribers by introducing them to new brands and familiar favorites, and to producers by giving them an opportunity to showcase their products to a captive audience of individuals who are passionate about supporting local businesses and trying new things.

In addition, we strive to partner with brands that are sustainable, responsible, and true to the values we stand for; supporting people, the planet, and Kentucky.

W.O.R.T.H - Annea Richardson

Self-worth is not something that is sold and represented in the media. What is this under representation doing to the impressionable teenage girls that surf the internet every day? Social media is now the fastest way to break the positive image of a female. Now more than ever there is a need for programs that target the mental health of these girls.

W.O.R.T.H aims to create an outlet for young women to build self-worth through the arts. W.O.R.T.H stands for without fear, over comer, respect for yourself, true beauty, and honor. Coinciding with curriculum built around these principles, we will use creative arts like dancing and acting to assist us in building self-worth within young girls, while harnessing in on their talent.

Inside Circle Sports - Camron Brown

The sports industry has controlled entertainment and has engaged consumers for many years. In the past couple of years sports have began to lose their hold on the entertainment world. With new platforms and apps taking the attention of major platforms and forcing executives to make huge pivots, Inside Circle Sports has a fresh concept that can help. Inside Circle Sports, is an up and coming Sports Media Platform that is creating a change in the way sports are being received. Inside Circle Sports will begin as a website and become an App. The platform will allow consumers to have a say, engage, and have control over the content they receive.

Abundo - Nick Strakhov

Abundo means abundance and in today’s society we model our lifestyles after this. With this abundance we look to be well clothed, sheltered, and fed, yet this is causing issues with the byproduct of our abundance, especially in food waste. A brave few try to tackle this issue by composting, which in essence is letting food rot in your yard. Small scale composting is messy, smelly, and an overall unpleasant experience with little perceivable benefit compared to purchasing genetically modified soil. We are here to change that. Our goal is to offer commercial composting for every day, sustainably minded households. We aim to efficiently collect, process, and redistribute compost as a product rather than a rotting nuisance in your yard.

Common Good - Laura Gallaher

Common Good works with students and families in North Lexington through After-School and Summer Programming. We focus on education, recreation, spiritual formation and leadership development with students in grades K-12. We have vibrant daily programs, but Common Good is more than just that. It's a place to belong and a second family for young people in our neighborhood. Students find space for their dreams to take shape and the support they need to pursue those dreams. We walk alongside the entire family to offer encouragement, stability and increased access to opportunities. We have 70 school age students, 14 CG graduates enrolled in college and as of May 2018 we have our first college graduate. It's an exciting time to be part of Common Good and it's about to be even more exciting: we are starting a business! The two main goals of the micro-enterprise are to provide employment for our young people and meaningful opportunities for leadership development. We can't wait to see where this new venture takes us!

Lucille1 Mining: The Student Mining Program

Why go through the trouble of learning how to manage a cryptocurrency mining operation yourself? Lucille1 is here to assist the Average Joe in entering into the cryptocurrency market. At our core we aim to educate our peers and provide information about cryptocurrency. At Lucille1, we have a fantastic team who are devoted to the long term success of our customers, even after their relationship with us is over. We are currently in the process of updating our website to add new customer-centric features like user accounts and access to additional information about their accounts via a special helpline. We want the University of Kentucky to embrace crypto-finance as a part of the future of investment and banking: we believe that the smart way to do this is to educate our peers. With the successful launch of the Pilot Mining Program, Lucille1 aims to implement another program attempting to educate students at the University of Kentucky. However this next project would work similarly to the Pilot Mining Program, i.e. we buy and make cryptocurrency mining machines, but the student customers would help pay for the upfront cost of the machines and then receive a return over a fixed relationship with Lucille1. In this endeavor we strive to lower the threshold for entering into the cryptocurrency market by educating and requiring a lower initial fiscal investment for our customers. Our new Student Mining Program is tailored towards students who may not be able to pour endless amounts of money in, but still have interest in the emerging cryptocurrency market.

The Process Design Collective - Daniel Livingston

PDC is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary group of students and professionals working together to tackle a wide range of local issues through the use of design thinking and creative problem-solving strategies. It’s meant to serve as an “innovation hub” where people from all walks of life can come together to learn the design process and apply what they learn to real projects with tangible results. From college student looking to gain real-world experience to professionals wanting to enhance their skillset or community leaders searching for new ways to tackle old problems, learning to “think like a designer” shines a new light on what you know, while helping you develop 21st century skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. At PDC, it really is all about the process — working in multi-disciplinary teams of 3-5, you will learn how to identify a cause or issue by asking the right questions; learn as much as possible about the subject through human-centered research; brainstorm to develop a wide range of unique and unexpected ideas; and finally create effective solutions through prototyping and iteration.

Typhoon Fitness - Daniel Reuben

Typhoon Fitness is a fitness/lifestyle clothing based brand that gives the comfortably in all aspects of the consumers day to day life. Whether it be at the gym, on a hike, rock climbing, or simply going about your every day tasks, Typhoon Fitness promotes a healthy lifestyle. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to expand our business and tap into new markets.

Working with key suppliers to design different/innovative styles of apparel, as well as extending our client base using social media and other platforms. Typhoon Fitness is the next wave for living a healthy/productive lifestyle.

Our website is and our Instagram page is TyphoonFitness. With already acquiring sales and developing a client basis, we plan to hit the ground running and start developing the business at a much more rapid pace. For more information regarding Typhoon Fitness, feel free to contact me at

Senior Striders - Suzanne Troske

Senior Striders is an organization which provides a companion to our elderly and disabled neighbors who need a little extra help getting out of their homes to walk. Let us get our family members, neighbors and ourselves out walking and moving. The benefits of walking are well documented for both physical and mental health. While we know the benefits, sometimes we need a little extra help and confidence to challenge ourselves and get out for a walk. Sometimes we need the comfort of having a person close by to lend an arm or watch out for cracks in the sidewalk or help us cross the street. Sometimes we need to be accountable to a third party to motivate us to get up out of our chairs and go walking. A strider, the Senior Strider companions, come to a client’s home and accompany that person on a walk. We will track their progress by counting milestones including number of walks per week, number of steps taken or other personal goals in our online app and in a monthly progress report. I know from experience we worry about our family members who are housebound primarily because they need an extra hand or motivation to leave their homes. We wish we could be there for a walk around the block with them to get them moving and outside. Senior Striders will help get people who need extra help out walking.

GenomEqs - Shavahn Loux

Genomic analysis is one of the most powerful tools available to us to make predictions about health and well-being. With this information, we can make better management and care decisions, not only for ourselves, but for our animal companions as well. At GenomEqs, we are focused on analyzing the genetic sequence of horses to allow owners to personalize care and optimize health of their animals.