Bootcamp Projects

ARISTOTLE - James Keck

ARISTOTLE is an educational kiosk that teaches an age- and culturally-appropriate curriculum to kids living in rural Africa. Using solar power, touch screen technology, and audio-video delivery, ARISTOTLE provides a robust, interactive learning environment without the need of a trained teacher. The self-contained nature of the kiosk protects it from tampering and environmental threats like dust and rain. Educational content is developed by third party organizations and ministries of education to meet local curriculum, language, and other needs. Curricula are stored in the unit’s hard drive and can be updated remotely or on-site depending on local cellular network coverage.Bringing education to the millions of kids without school access will help lift them and their families out of poverty.

I am looking for team members with expertise and interest in education delivery and hardware engineering.

Ayoroa Simmons - Josh Ayoroa

Ayoroa Simmons provides comprehensive digital facilities documentation and coordination services, such as 3D laser scanning, virtual design and construction, drone-based digital photogrammetry and BIM coordination. Our work empowers architects, engineers, constructors and owners (AECO) to acquire and access accurate dimensional and positional information about buildings and infrastructure assets. Our team of professionals works with leading AECO organizations to achieve cost saving outcomes throughout a diverse set of project types. Our business thrives on technology solutions and people who are passionate about using technology to solve practical problems. Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, Ayoroa Simmons has projects throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our clients include local, regional, national and international firms. Our project types include universities, hospitals, multi-family, manufacturing, research facilities, utilities and more.

We are looking for team members to help us develop inroads to growth cities experiencing record levels of construction spending throughout the eastern U.S.

Bellamy Care Coordination and Consultation - Jessica Wilmore

Grandma is 85. She has dementia and you’re her primary caregiver, but you’re beginning to wonder if she’s safe to stay at home anymore while you work. She has already fallen a few times, it’s no longer safe for her to cook, and she’s forgetting to take her medicine. Her most recent fall landed her in rehab, but now they are ready to discharge her. You’re faced with the decision of whether to take her home, or to find her a long-term care facility. You’re new to this area and have less than a week to decide. In that time, you have to look up agencies and facilities, tour them and schedule consultations, review grandma’s long-term care insurance, meet with an attorney to discuss applying for Medicaid, and purchase durable medical equipment in case you do bring her home. There’s so much to do, it feels hopeless, and you just don’t know where to start. Let me help you. Bellamy Care Coordination and Consultation can meet with you to discuss your care concerns. We will help you to understand and access resources in the community which are intended to support our aging population, through partnerships with quality verified preferred providers. Or, come to one of our group classes. It’s about supporting you. This isn’t case management; it’s support. It’s a caring friend. It’s Bellamy Care Coordination and Consultation!

Bio Balls - Jordyn Marable

Bio Balls is an environmentally friendly way to disperse and dispose of toiletries in a way that is cost-effective, as well as socially acceptable.Bio balls single use product that creates a dissolvable shell to encase these toiletries. Shampoo, body wash, soap, toothpaste, mouthwash will be encased in a dissolvable pod, similar to laundry pods and dishwashing pods. Rather than enclosing these toiletries in plastic bottles, these items can be housed in a smaller, dissolvable casing, that will be placed in dishes in the room, as opposed to cardboard and plastic containers. The leftover toiletries can be dissolved and recycled. New toiletries can be added to the room by simply filling the corresponding dishes with new pods, while the unused toiletries can simply be dissolved and donated to those in need.

Chirp - Jarren Tay

Intrusive advertising and information overload can make it near impossible for consumers to distinguish the value of a seemingly "good deal." Chirp enables users to make greater economical choices regarding their spending budgets. As users go about their week, they can add items to their Chirp Shopping List, compare prices locally, and generate an interactive map to direct them to their nearest store. Chirp maintains a beneficial relationship with its users, whilst entertaining a corporate agreement with its benefactors. By partnering with grocery stores and optimal brands, Chirp can offer sponsored coupons to allow the option for customers to find the best deals. Offering a comparison of prices, local involvement, and an on-the-go design makes Chirp the app of choice for anyone who values their time and money.

The Clean Team - Marilee Varner

The Clean Team provides a sustainable "clean" approach to post-construction cleaning. Post construction cleans are done in stages (pre-clean, first clean, final clean). The business has long been considered a commodity business. We will be different because as an "employee owned business", the employees will take pride in quality and efficiency of work. Therefore, we bring more value than your average lowest bid company. The typical construction clean worker is diverse and from a lower socio-economic class. This company provides the employees with a way to learn about business first had and part of our goal will be to teach basic finance and business economics to all of the employees. We are different because we would use environmentally-sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning materials whenever possible. And we provide workers that are personally invested in the work.

CreativeLife – Ning Wei

CreativeLife is an online furniture self-design and trade system that enables everyone to build his or her dreamed life. With the standardized parts provided by CreativeLife, users with little professional skills can easily build furniture with specific size and functions they need. An online 3D self-design system will help users generate their design, then all parts and a manual will be shipped to users after placing an order, and eventually, users can easily set up the furniture. CreativeLife will also enable users to sell their designed furniture to other users so more people can get benefits from their creativity. Our business model is like Amazon in furniture. Our profits are mainly from the membership fee, a small portion of users’ selling their designed furniture, and virtual goods. Prices of the parts will be close to its cost, and all parts are reusable, so users do not need to worry about the cost of the furniture they design. CreativeLife values creativity and provides opportunities for every creative individual to pursue a dreamed life.

Crux: Fantasy Chess - Dustin Saunders & Grant Moore

Crux: Fantasy Chess™ is a tactical strategy game drawing inspiration from popular games such as Magic The Gathering™, Warhammer 40k, and classical chess. Players wage war across various battlefields, each attempting to destroy the other’s Crux- their king piece. In order to play, players construct 30 card unit decks, each card with their matching figurine. Units are aligned with various elements and gain bonuses from maps and terrain that feature that element. In addition, each element has one strong match up, and one weakness. With these concepts in mind, players are challenged to create an army that is both powerful and flexible.

Digital Laundromat App - Nasheika Johnson

The Digital Laundromat Appl allows you to see what machines are currently open in the facility and also lets you pay, check in your laundry for drop off/ pick up services. Everyone HATES laundry, please allow us to take care of it for you and send you an alert through your app letting you know when it is complete ( dried and folded ) for you ! Or come in and relax and let us do the work or do it for yourself in a study friendly environment. Looking for motivated team members to join me and find innovative solutions to a very traditional industry!

Div. 1 Marketing - James Clark

Div. 1 Marketing is a services and marketing business designed to initially help universities engage with their undergraduate and graduate students by providing photography services to those graduating around the campus. Through survey and email engagement the business also aims to help inform the universities of their outgoing student's likes, dislikes and overall value of experience they received on campus during their education in order to attract more students in the future and retain more alumni memberships. The overall goal after this initial phase is to grow the business into a full service, on-site marketing firm available to every department of the college. Looking for team members with: B2B contract experience, digital arts/editing background.

Echo Notes - Aerin Mitchell

Echo Notes is a dual tablet device to help students and career personnel alike. This device will revolutionize the note-taking process, by allowing for a simultaneous record of both visual and audio for future reference. The other benefit of this device is the add-on of a "refocusing" app. This built-in app will allow those in need of the extra help refocusing during long lectures and meetings have the ability to do just that. With this app being a disturbance is no longer an issue and the worry of losing notes from the lecture isn't either. There is a need for help with communicating, focusing, and refocusing without interrupting the meeting or class setting. Echo Notes is the invention to fill that void. Seeking motivated team members to join me on this venture!

FreshEyes Solutions - Kelly Wright

FreshEyes Solutions closes the gap between businesses and their customers.The initial customer engagement tool is the Scentple Kiosk: a fragrance sampling system with integrated advertising and point of sale solutions.The Scentple Kiosk guides customers through a fragrance selection process; provides an on-demand, labelled fragrance sample; and initiates point of sale transactions.Fragrance companies can manage advertisements, schedule promotions, and interact with customer analytics, all from their Scentple Management Console. FreshEyes: bringing fresh perspectives to traditional industries.

Goddess Inc. - Elizabeth Hutchison & Claire Frisbie

Goddess Inc. is a collaborative movement that embraces and encourages freedom, creativity, and aligning with your soul’s purpose. Together we strive to inspire each other by collectively sharing our passions and projects. By collaborating with each other our reach is infinite. We believe everyone has something to share that deserves to be heard, seen or felt. We offer an opportunity to meet other creatives, network, share your work through our platform, collaborate and above all, embrace the Goddess within.

HO-MER – Dwayne Buckles

“Home Oasis - Medical Evaluating Robot” or “HO-MER” for short is a Home Health Monitoring Robot that is your constant companion with benefits. Most people would like to live independently and at home as they age, or their health deteriorates. Sometimes it’s the simple things like monitoring their vitals and staying on top of any changes before something more serious occurs. HO-MER is the answer. It will be a SaaS / HaaS business model which will monitor our health as we age, and alert loved ones or caretakers immediately of any changes or emergencies. HO-MER will have sensors to monitor vitals such as O2, body temperature, hydration, BP, pulse along with motion sensors to monitor accidents such as falls and facial recognition to detect changes in expressions for stroke, sadness, etc. The patient will have a wearable which will keep the robot within 3-4 feet and monitor vitals requiring touch. Video chat for improved companionship and calls to doctor/caretaker. Looking for additional team members; Hardware & Software Engineers, Marketing, Medical Background.

Investup - Scotty Vanderventer

A mobile app that makes it quick and easy for investors of startup companies to communicate back and forth with their portfolio companies and to receive live updates on how the companies are doing. Current active investors can join private groups for all of their portfolio companies and receive live chat updates, financial statements, documents, etc. directly from their portfolio companies right to their smart device. New investors are able to easily search for and initiate connection with startups that peak their investment interests, right from their smart device. The all-in-one app that makes investing in startups a little easier. Strong desire to add team member with technical knowledge/experience/coding/app development.

J.J. Tropical Food - Jose Kazadi

Co-founded by a UK alumnus,, J.J. Tropical Food, as a reference name anticipates being a distributor of tropical vegetables and ethnic food specialties for retailers and consumers based on quality, low price and sustained supplies.

Based on recent producing and importing experience from 2015 through 2017, the main products will consist of:

  1. Frozen and peeled Cassava (Yucca) roots
  2. Frozen, grated, and fermented Cassava
  3. Frozen Cassava Chunks

“PSI”, the supplier in Central America is an FDA approved, controlled, and inspected plant. PSI complies with European rules and food regulations and has set up a good manufacturing practices.

Kabasela Food Inc. - Dr. Nkongolo Kalala

Kabasela Food Inc. Is a food processing company. The company will be setting up a food processing facility for the continuously growing ethnic food market. The last two decades has seen a huge influx of foreign born residents in Kentucky with a good purchasing power who are in search of ethnic food. The company will buy a commercial smoker to process fish using its proprietary mixture of spices. I am a University of Kentucky alumni from the College of Agriculture (AgEcon), and current professor at the Bluegrass Community & Technical College / Newtown Pike campus. I am looking for team members to join me in this effort to enhance Kentucky's need for the growing ethnic food markets.

LayerUp - Cole Gerdemann & Wezley Mitchell

3D printing technology has been the same ever since the race to the bottom during the consumer 3D printing fad. LayerUp has decided to buck this trend by creating a new class of printers based off fresh modern technology. A custom hotend gives us the ability to print exotic materials previously out of reach at an unprecedented price point. Our mechanical design allows us to print faster and more consistently while being incredibly user friendly. An array of sensors allows the software on our printer to adapt intelligently to the demands placed on it without any special adjustments. Even after a purchase, our printer is constantly improving with upgrades to both the firmware and software provided over the internet.

Lucra Machina - Brian Carlson

Lucra Machina is an investment platform for those looking to get involved in cryptocurrency investing, but don't know where to start. From fully automated trading bots to AI-assisted trade recommendations, we aim to lower the barrier for entry into crypto investing and portfolio management. Through the application of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and partnerships with traditional investment groups, we solve the problem of credibility and navigating the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

Mindset Money – Courtney Travis

Mindset Money is a motivational and educational platform that teaches you to think in a more positive and responsible way about money by providing the necessary tools to become financially literate. There is a huge stigma around money and a common misconception is that money is something bad or even evil. Since a person’s financial situation is one of the leading causes of stress, that misconception alone can be quite destructive. So, when it comes to finances, Mindset Money wants to help you change the way you view money. Looking for members with interest or experience in financial wellness/ education!

Minipantry Co. - Ila McEntire

Since 2010, the European Union has banned the use of artificial dyes in foods intended for babies and young children, and artificially colored foods marketed for older kids are required to have a warning label. In the United States, those same dyes are used in foods for kids of all ages, and many parents have learned to avoid them due to their negative effectson their kids' behavior--symptoms of hyperactivity, aggression, and depression that are noticeably absent when artificial dyes are off the menu. The Whole Foods and Trader Joe's chains have committed to sell only products colored with dyes from natural sources, but it's still hard for families with dye-sensitive kids to attend special events such birthday parties--imagine telling your four-year-old that she can't have the brightly colored, irresistible sweets that everyone else at the party is eating. This dilemma has inspired my product: a single-serve microwave cupcake kit that includes cake mix, plus packets of icing and pretty sprinkles with all-natural colors, all packed in a microwaveable cup--fun and easy for kids to make, done in about one minute, and all you need to add is water! Assuming my initial product offering is successful, I plan to diversify by offering other safe, fun, and natural products.

Odyssey Sports - Nik Hochstrasser

A subscription based rental service with the goal to provide quality equipment to users at an affordable price. Our model allows for users to try out different sports and hobbies without the excessive cost of purchasing new equipment. It also allows gives users access to bulky items such as golf clubs, kayaks and cornhole boards, without having to store them in their dorm room, apartment, or home. Once established, the goal is to grow a network of stores across the nation to allow users access when they’re on vacation, out of state for work, or moving to a new city. We are looking for team members to join us!

Purplewood Farm - Chris Rhodes and Katarina Midelfort

Purplewood Farm in Scott County grows blackberries, mulberries, blueberries, lavender, and honey bees. We are planning to include value-added products from our farm. We are open to discussing the best products to pursue, but we are currently focusing on Mulberries. Mulberries are a mild blackberry-like fruit that grows well in Kentucky, and is unique, healthy, nutritious, sustainable, local, and tasty! Our team will research business-to-business opportunities such as providing mulberry syrup, compote, and/or jam for bakery goods, dairy products, drinks (teas, sodas, lemonades, and/or flavored waters), wine-making, and as a natural coloring/flavoring agent; and/or direct to customer products. We are looking for team members with an MBA or business major background for market research, product decisions, and financial planning. Also, we are especially happy to work with people with an agriculture or food/nutrition background or anyone interested in a cool local niche market to help Kentucky shine. We are excited about mulberries and hope you might become too.

Reach Influencer Marketing - Sam White & Landon Kasey

Reach is an influencer marketing platform that connects social media influencers with brands/agencies/businesses. It is a software as a service (SaaS) that is free for influencers and subscription-based for brands/businesses. Our focus on micro-influencers allows us to bring sincerity and engagement into a realm of marketing that typically lacks these qualities. By using micro-influencers businesses will reap the benefits of much higher engagement rates and increased consumer trust. Reach streamlines and simplifies the entire influencer marketing process, thus making it easy for anyone to take advantage of this new and effective marketing tool. Businesses can quickly sift through influencers they would like to work with based on a filtered search. They can then connect with as many of the influencers as they would like and create specific campaigns for individuals or for teams of influencers. These features along with our focus on the micro-influencer niche in the industry will enable us to spread more efficient and authentic digital marketing solutions to everyone. (Note - this team is closed and not accepting additional team members.)

The Reconcilor - John Survant

As companies pursue the digital transformation of their businesses, information security plays and integral role in that process.A company must ensure its digital assets are regularly tested for vulnerabilities and that issues are resolved in a timely manner.As companies strive towards digital transformation, changes are often occurring faster than security teams can successfully manage. “The Reconcilor” is a security software solution that helps companies manage their internet facing assets so that companies can protect themselves as they continue to grow their business.

RISE & THRIVE - Melissa Kondor

RISE & THRIVE is committed to creating wellbeing university communities where people are thriving, resilient, and connected. Using a combination of high-impact immersion trainings, targeted communication strategies, and community-building experiences, we support individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. Targeting institutions of higher education, RISE & THRIVE will support the wellbeing of both students and employees. Participants gain step-by-step proven strategies and tools to immediately transform the quality of their lives, and the cultures where they live and work. The research-based curriculum is facilitating, rigorous, and inclusive. I am looking for team members who are passionate about wellbeing! Additional skills needed include: marketing and design, business proposals, music and event planning, and educational delivery.

Seal the Deal - Asia Rivers

Seal the Deal Inc. is a business credit consulting group, led by Asia L. Rivers. SDI, educates entrepreneurs on the start-up, utilization, and protection of business credit. Starting any business, you as the owner must stay protected legally and financially. Define the line between business and personal. SDI, is interesting in moving into a web-based platform which increases resources for entrepreneurs, and boosts business for vendors/creditors who report business credit history. As interest grows high in entrepreneurship, the demand for business credit rises.

Looking for team members who are passionate and understand the process of "The Budding Entrepreneur".

Speaking My Language - Emily Maersk-Moller

Speaking My Language is a SAAS platform that will help people with learning difficulties gain skills and tools that will help them overcome/work around their learning differences as students and later in their careers. By learning difference, I mean things such as ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia and so on. This app/program will provide individuals with several services such as professional diagnoses of their learning disability (via screen sharing), tutoring and an audio service that will read your textbooks to you. On top of that there will be skill building for example if you have dyslexia after being diagnosed you will take a survey to find out what you need to work on the most (also based on your education level) and then there will be everyday tasks for you. I know from personal experience being dyslexic and reading something out loud that you aren’t interested in everyday sounds daunting that’s why I want to get subscriptions to a variety of magazines and news sources such as WSJ so that there is a wide variety of choices and as a bounce you can stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the world. Overall, I want to help people in their academic and future careers overcome roadblocks that their learning difference creates. Looking for motivated team members that have app developing, coding and tech knowledge.

VaShaun Nicole Consulting - VaShaun Mosby

VaShaun Nicole Consulting is a startup Staffing Agency. Our 3 core focuses are: Economic Development, Workforce Development & Recidivism. Our agency will focus on the staffing needs of young single mothers and felons. We want to equip the less fortunate & those with criminal barriers with the tools to become gainfully employed.

Vibrance - Ceci Elder

My goal is to utilize hemp bio-polymers to create biodegradable disposable products. This will be designed in a way that benefits both the planet and Kentucky's economy. Let's make the Bluegrass green. I'm looking for team members to join me in this adventure!

Cellie Coping Kit - University of Kentucky | Office of Technology Commercialization - Meghan Marsac & Lindsey Hammerslag

Millions of children suffer from challenging medical conditions every year. For example, children with cancer are forced to deal with their diagnosis, intense procedures, medications with significant side effects such as hair loss, missing school, and losing friends. Resources to support emotional health of children with medical conditions and their families are not readily available. This leaves children without the help they need and parents juggling. To address this unmet need, we developed an innovative, cost-effective intervention – The Cellie Coping Kit – by integrating empirically supported theories with evidence to promote child health. This evidence-based intervention allows children and caregivers to tailor strategies to their unique experience, enabling families to determine the most important stressors and strategies that work best for them. By involving caregivers as coaches in this intervention, the intervention works to strengthen the child’s existing support system. The Cellie Coping Kit intervention includes a deck of cards for children, a book for parents, and a toy to help engage children in the recommended coping tips.

Cerelux - University of Kentucky | Office of Technology Commercialization - Dr. Keith Pennypacker & Ahmed Elsherbini

Cerelux LLC is involved in drug discovery and prognostics for ischemic stroke. The utilization of artificial intelligence called machine learning determines biomarkers from blood taken during a stroke as predictors for clinical stroke outcomes for human patients. The Blood and Clot Thrombectomy Registry and Collaboration (BACTRAC) study collects blood samples distal and proximal to the intracranial thrombus during mechanical thrombectomy as well as patient demographics. The biological data obtained from these samples include electrolytes, blood gases, gene expression, cellular content and proteins. The changes in these biomarkers between the distal and proximal blood are used in machine leaning to determine the ones, which are predictors of patients’ outcomes, such as size of brain area affected by stroke and functional recovery. Moreover, this approach identifies potential therapeutic targets for novel treatments for stroke.

Seeking team members to help with marketing and finance!

Klarcut - University of Kentucky | Office of Technology Commercialization - Julius Schoop & Ian Brown

Klarcut is a high-tech manufacturing venture that is working to create a paradigm shift in the realm of machining, an essential part of manufacturing. The Klarcut team has created a patented device to generate material-specific data to enable the calibration and validation of machining models more than 100 times faster, and more accurately, than currently available methods. Using Klarcut data, quality-focused manufacturers in industries such as aerospace and biomedical will be able to efficiently optimize their machining processes off-line, which saves vast quantities of time and capital over current experimental testing methodologies. To better serve customers by delivering fully-integrated process design and optimization solutions, Klarcut is developing new, time-efficient models to allow the advanced manufacturing industry to pro-actively engineer the properties of machined components. Most importantly, in addition to empowering large manufacturers to create better products more efficiently, the application of Klarcut’s advanced technologies in America’s 15+ billon $/year machining industry will create opportunities for countless small manufacturers to obtain valuable manufacturing contracts that previously would require PhD-level expertise. We are seeking passionate students to join our team!

My Vocal Health - University of Kentucky | Office of Technology Commercialization - Vrushali Angadi & Rutika Patil

Maximizing the effectiveness of evidence-based voice therapies is the next step in the evolution of voice rehabilitation. Why? Because 29.9% of the US population has a voice disorder, and the cost of lost workdays due to voice disorders amounts to over $2.5 billion between lost workdays and voice therapy sessions. Voice therapy has proven to be effective in treating various voice disorders with the aging population, children, professional voice users, vocal fold pathologies, and the head and neck cancer population. Unfortunately, about 65% of patients drop out of voice therapy citing issues with lack of accessibility to specialty centers and not having a clinician available to serve as a model for correction of voice therapy techniques. To this end, we have developed a delivery model that overcomes these barriers of accessibility and access to clinician modeling. We have developed a voice therapy smartphone application that provides clinician videos, ease of therapy monitoring, therapy reminders, efficient data collection, foolproof adherence monitoring and significantly improved accessibility as it can be made available on one’s smartphone. This app was designed with the intent of helping patients and clinicians with improved accessibility and ease of delivery. Dr. Vrushali Angadi is seeking students (undergrad / grad / post doc) to lead this team in the Fall 2019 cohort.

Castellan Group - Barry Brauch & Camden Booker

The Castellan Group, LLC and the UK Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship announces a unique opportunity for participants of the VACE 2019 Entrepreneurs Fall Bootcamp 1.0. Click here to read the entire announcement.

Legal Search Platform
A platform that allows for different parties to quickly connect with the lawyer that they need in a geographic area that the party may not be familiar with. The platform would contain data about the lawyer’s success rate, expertise, and other relevant information.

Mandatory Patient Arbitration
Create a network of top physicians that become their own insurance network by having any dispute regarding the quality of care immediately go to a binding arbitration hearing between client and physician. Patients would have the opportunity of agreeing to this structure.

Payable Optimization Platform
B2B platform that allows businesses to optimize their accounts payables. This platform would allow other businesses to aggregate their spending by payment methods and find areas where credit cards or other methods of payment could be used for discounts.

Car Wheel Generator
Generators are typically costly and do not have a long lifespan. The creation of a tool that can harness the power of a car to generate energy would be beneficial in cases where a generator is needed, like a hurricane. The tool would be more affordable and have a longer lifespan.

Pure Oxygen
The health craze that has recently swept the world could provide demand for a product that delivers pure oxygen to people. Specifically, the medium to get the oxygen to people could be in the form of a small, handheld device similar to a Juul.

Entertainment Group
The DJ industry is highly competitive, and the artists are always looking for additional job security. A way to do this would be to create a collective of world-class DJs that manages their brand and increases staying power in the industry. The DJs could syndicate their performances and potentially be playing multiple clubs at once, with their brand being present at the respective venues.

Consolidate Billing and Community Purchasing Co-Ops
The monthly billing process for households can be time-consuming and confusing for a lot of people. The creation of a system that consolidates all of the bills and payment processes would allow for customers to easily see all of their obligations for that month in one place.

Drink Ordering App
This system would allow you to place mobile orders for drinks at bars. Customers could avoid the line and the bars could do more in sales volume and provide drinks in a more efficient manner.

Pharma Rep Catering Assistance
Pharmacy sales reps have significant money dedicated to feeding office staff every year. It is a hassle for these reps to coordinate the food delivery. This service would create a more simplified way of managing drop off times so that the catering process can be made easier.

Gaming Lounge Franchise
The growing popularity of video games and e-sports has made the popularity of gathering to watch people play e-sport tournaments increase. A way to capitalize on this would be to create a gaming lounge that can host tournaments and be a common place for people to gather. This market will only continue to grow as the e-sports world continually grows.

VR- All Direction Treadmill
This product would be an innovative use of the burgeoning VR technology. The number of applications for a VR system that allows the user to move in any direction are limitless. The product could allow people to explore famous landmarks, or for military training, or even for gaming.

Online Tutor
This product would be a way for teachers to have an additional impact on their students after-hours. Students could receive direct tutoring from their teachers through this online video conference platform. The product could be expanded to “real-life” classes, like personal finance, that are not taught in schools.