Servicing the Bluegrass

The following companies are representative of the several hundred clients the Von Allmen Center has worked with over the last ten years. These clients represent a wide range of industries including biotech, healthcare, agriculture, software, advanced manufacturing, consumer products, and game development. Founders of these companies include UK faculty, entrepreneurs, and students.

Twin Star's technology concept integrates a porous catheter design with vacuum systems and/or infusion pumps. The goal is a catheter–based treatment option that are designed to perform at three levels: Precise local drug infusion, Soft tissue interstitial drainage, Integrated tissue monitoring. Star's catheter technologies are presently entering clinical and feasibility trial stages, focused on drug delivery and wound care.

Allylix is focused on the production of natural products called terpenes for the flavor & fragrance and insect repellent markets. Allylix's proprietary technology platform uses the most advanced tools in molecular genetics, biochemistry and structural biology, and fermentation to produce valuable natural products cost effectively.

Equinext (EQX) was formed to develop, manufacture, and sell an injectable reagent for the treatment of equine ligament and tendon tissue damage (lesions) occurring in working and competitive horses, livestock, pleasure horses and comfort animals. Simply stated, our NEXT technology chemically stabilizes the tendon or ligament by using the existing, diseased tissue and reattaches, via covalent bonds, the damaged tissue's long protein chains resulting in a mechanically strengthened, healed tissue.

More than just a simple linear motor or conveyance system, iTRAK™ is designed to provide independent control of multiple movers (carriages/pallets) on straight, curved and curvilinear paths. Each system is custom configured and oriented per application to complement a new machine or retrofit an existing one. Jacobs Automation’s patented variable pitch technology pairs simple sections with targeted intelligent sections, allowing iTRAK™ to be the most economical option in intelligence for the automation industry.

Summit Biosciences Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and manufacturing prescription (RX) generic and novel over-the-counter (OTC) nasally delivered pharmaceutical products.

Earthineer is a free social site for sustainable living. It allows people to connect with others who share their interests via friends, wall posts, blogs, and photos.It's for people looking for tips on living more in tune with nature, creating a healthier home environment and creating less waste.Much of the site's content centers on food: preparing it, growing it and storing it.

Frogdice is an independent game developer of online role playing games, virtual worlds, and downloadable games. Founded in 1996, Frogdice is a market leader in developing fun, immersive games with extreme replayability and wonderful communities. Our motto is “Our Worlds, Your Imagination.” We strive to create deep, engaging worlds that give you the tools to explore and express your own creativity and imagination.

Seikowave, Inc. was founded to commercialize new technologies that can make high speed 3D measurements at reasonable costs suitable for diverse markets. Seikowave scanners can acquire 3D point clouds with 250,000 points per point cloud at rates up to 1000 points clouds per second. The key technologies are in the areas of digital signal processing, image processing, optical systems, and the interactions among these technologies. Seikowave offers a wide range of scanners to meet specific measurement demands.

Solidagex’s customers determine the desired end uses for the ingredients produced from our proprietary goldenrod extract. To-date, customers have been attracted to the multi-functional aspect of the ingredients, and the novelty of a standardized goldenrod extract with such distinctive and sought-after properties. Identified prospective customers include multinationals in the food, feed and personal care products industries.

Naprogenix is a biotechnology company harnessing the power of genomics and high throughput molecular pharmacological screens to access the chemical diversity of native plant species and known medicinal plants. The purpose is to discover novel active compounds useful in their own right, or as leads for agrochemicals, food, health, and well-being industries. Founded in 2002, the company is the exclusive licensee of "Natural Product Genomics" technology developed at the Kentucky Tobacco Research and Development Center.

The mission of ALKYMOS, Inc. is to design, synthesize, evaluate and manufacture chelators and chelator-based devices for laboratory, industrial, animal and human applications.

Bluegrass Advanced Materials (BAM) is developing naturally derived antioxidant polymers that will be used in many commercial applications. Our strategy is to develop our own BAM products and supply technology to existing business to improve commercial products. The BAM theory is that almost every material application including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, biomedical, foods, cosmetics, plastics, adhesives and lubricants can all be improved by employing BAM technology.

We are a company on the leading edge of precision micro and nano-scale manufacturing. We provide solutions for ultra-precision engineering projects and provide you with capabilities unachievable until now. Our technologies provide state-of-the-art production and assembly of micro-scale components into macro-scale systems with nanometer scale precision. Hummingbird Nano, Inc. is a privately held, private and publicly funded, high technology company in Lexington, Kentucky. We are located at the center of innovation at the University of Kentucky's Coldstream Research Campus.

Gismo Therapeutics Inc. is a biotech start-up company targeting fundamental biochemical processes that are at the root of Alzheimer's Disease pathogenesis. The company is developing its pioneering technology, GISMO, which is associated with a new hypothesis of the etiology of major neurodegenerative diseases. Gismo Therapeutics Inc. is developing first-in-class, disease modifying oral therapeutics for the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease.

MosquitoMate, Inc. was founded in 2010, based upon technology invented at the University of Kentucky. MosquitoMate uses new, non-chemical methods to control the invasive species: Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus). The Tiger mosquito is an aggressive species in many areas of the country, and is the main mosquito species encountered by people during the day. The Tiger mosquito is also an important vector of mosquito-borne diseases. Unfortunately, existing control methods used against other mosquitoes do not work against the Tiger mosquito. Our technology specifically targets the Tiger mosquito, using a common bacterium, which occurs naturally in a majority of insects, including many mosquitoes.

ParaTechs' mission is to develop innovative technologies and bring to market novel products to enable discovery and development in the areas of biotechnology. ParaTechs is pursuing partnering opportunities through commercial licensing and collaborative research and development.

Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., is a privately held biotechnology company that is dedicated to providing unique animal models, cell lines, stem cells and cutting-edge research tools and technologies to improve drug discovery and development research. Transposagen has provided off-the-shelf and custom genetically modified rat models to over 50 companies and institutions around the world. Transposagen is the worldwide leader in genetically modified rat models.

CCB Research Group is a Pre-revenue/seed-stage product in the Health Care industry. The company has been operating for 19 months. We successfully conceptualized, built and clinically tested our generation 1 prototype, the first pacifier & bottle to measure infant tongue strength. What we found in our initial clinical trial may fundamentally shift how infants are treated for feeding disorders.

Our corporate objective is to develop naloxone nasal spray for the treatment of suspected opioid overdose. Naloxone injection is labeled for intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous administration. Naloxone injection has been administered off-label intranasally and found to be effective in reversal of overdose by Emergency Medical Services. National harm-reduction programs have been dispensing take-home naloxone (injection or injection given nasally) to patients and families at high risk of experiencing overdose so that the continuum of care is moved forward in anticipation of EMS arrival. There remains an unmet medical need to have a ready-to-use, unit-dose, disposable, needle-free delivery system for naloxone administration.

Striving for excellence and improving our customers' lives. At MedSignals, there is nothing we strive for more than being the BEST, FIRST and ONLY among innovations that help clients take medicine properly. No other system can boast as many breakthroughs in the telehealth field.

From the very start, everyone at BDC has understood that what we do is link innovations with tomorrow's consumers. And the way we make that happen is by bringing new medical technologies all the way from the development process into commercialization. We connect breakthrough technologies with the right expertise. It's a very flexible, efficient, and streamlined process. And it allows our innovative products to go from our lab. To the marketplace. To you.

Signal Solutions provides consulting and custom sensor system designs for automatic detection/classification problems, with a particular emphasis on acoustic, motion, and biomedical signals, including extensive sleep-wake phenotyping in rodents. This includes sensor hardware and software design. We are also able to analyze data acquired from other systems and develop algorithms for extracting information and suppressing noise, as well as modifying our current products for special applications.